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The Asus Tuf Gaming FX505GT Is A 15.6 Inch Laptop With A Intel Core i5 9300H And A GeForce GTX 1650. It has Windows 10 and was made by Asus in 2018.

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Wireless Adapter keeps disappearing

For the past week, my Wi-Fi network keeps disappearing. It comes back at times but I have online classes by next week so I need stable internet. I tried most fixes I see online with the Disabling the Adapter in the Device Manager or Troubleshooting but the Wi-Fi still disappears after a while. My phone (and my family’s) can connect to the WiFi and use it though.

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What brand is the wireless network card?

getting this problem when play games on steam and epic

exactly the same, while play games or smth

I have this problem too - persists after doing all the drivers troubleshooting and even replacing intel 9462 card. Now on fresh windows install wifi adaptor is not found. I think motherboard is damaged from heat. Trying next with wifi dongle. Not a software issue or directly related to wifi card.

Interesting way, that Asus AVOIDS RESPONSIBILITY.

User has to “exchange the wifi-card” - and then “voids warranty”.

Asus has now done this, with a lot of laptop-models.

Any user, has the option:

- either spend extra money on getting an Authorized Asus-person/approved repairman doing the simple exchange.

(and “not having the laptop” for maybe 2-3 weeks! if it needs to be sent in!).

- or, go and buy a cheap Intel wifi-M.2-card … and Void warranty.

I would like to BAN ASUS, for this way of cheating the customers of their rights!! …


- the wifi-cards are in some models (FX505, etc) placed just underneath the SSD (making the wifi-card easy and tempting just to change).

- the RAM & SSD/HDD are just as simple to change …. without loosing warranty.

- any user, getting into the inside, to change/add ram/ssd/hdd, will see the wifi-card.

- this “suspiciously, all too bad” wifi-card, well !! …

- The same “fault/mistake” (choosing a suspiciously low-quality / crappy wifi-card) IS Asus-STANDARD!!

- It SMELLS VERY BADLY …. and Asus should be ashamed of themselves!!

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Buy a USB Wi-Fi dongle in the meantime and see how that goes. If it’s still giving problems it’s a software problem with Windows 10.

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I'll try that out if nothing else works, thank you!

it help fix that problem?

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If the WiFi connection keeps disappearing but the WLAN adapter’ status is still OK in Device Manager when there is no connection, try placing the laptop as close as possible to your WiFi router and check if the connection stays on and is stable.

If the WiFi connection stays on, then it may be an antenna problem.

Here’s an image taken from a teardown video of an Asus FX505DT that shows the location of the WLAN card so that the antenna connections can be checked. The arrows show the black and grey antenna cables, going under the tape to the card

I realize that it is not your particular model but I think that the location of the card is the same for all FX505 models.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

How old is the laptop as it seems to be a recent release? If it is not yet 12 months old, get the problem fixed under warranty, as opening the laptop will void the warranty.

If the WiFi connection still drops out, try operating Fn + F12 to first place the laptop in Airplane mode and then operate them again to see if the WiFi is restored. Just wondering if it is related.

You could also download, install and run this free WiFi sniffer program to check the signal strength of the WiFi signal received by the laptop. If it stays fairly constant but the connection is lost then it may be a software problem. Remember that the signal strength values are -ve (negative) dB values so the higher the number the weaker the signal.

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When the laptop is connected to the wifi and it disappears in the middle, this appears in the device manager:

The device cannot start (Code 10) and The device doesn't exist. When I do a reboot after, the WiFi disappears in the device manager.

I'll check my warranty!!

I've tried that before but nope, WiFi does not show up.

I'll try that out!!

Oh also, for the past week since this problem started occuring, I've been using the laptop next to the router (but problem still occurs). Any farther and I don't connect at all.

@Yomi Obana ,

Seems as though there may be something wrong with the WiFi card if it no longer appears in Device Manager.

Did you try turning on Airplane mode, when the WifI is gone, as I suggested above and then turning it off just to test if this makes it come back on again?

Sometimes with Asus laptops the ATK Package drivers that control the function keys does funny things.

I'm not saying that this is what is happening with your laptop but it is just a quick check when you do lose WiFi.

It is easier to find a problem if you can make it happen rather than restarting the laptop

If it is only able to connect very close and not when its anywhere further that usually indicates a problem with the antenna cable / connection. Could be unplugged or damaged antenna cable.

My guess is the antenna cable has become unplugged somehow, good to verify but opening the laptop will most likely mean warranty void.

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I have asus tuf a15, I have the exact problem, every driver is updated, windows and bios are updated. Some people say that this is a windows bug. I dont know is other laptop from other brand have this issue too.

Realtek 8822CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC

That is my wifi adapter.

Let me describe my problem more. This happens randomly, while gaming, or just using discord and zoom, and even after I just restarted. The wifi suddenly disconnected and when I check the wifi, there is no available wifi at all. To make it work again, I must use windows troubleshooter and it resets my wifi adapter. The problem being describe as wifi adapter or access point. And after than the wifi MAY continue to work, or it failed to start again and if it success, it may be fcked up again after a few minutes or even seconds. If it failed, I need to restart my laptop. But sometimes I need to restart like 3-5 times to make it work again. The wifi and mobile hotspot button at the internet icon in my taskbar are gone if it failed to start. And in device manager, it says that the device is not connected.

I HAVE BROUGHT MY LAPTOP TO ASUS SERVICE CENTER ONCE. They don’t know what’s wrong (that maybe means the hardware is not the issue)

EDIT: It has been months since I encountered the problem and somehow it fixed itself. I don't make any change, or I don't know that I did. There's a good chance it's hardware problem.

EDIT 2: Try reinstalling the WIFI card, by which I mean physically unplug and replug it again in the socket under the SSD. My friend said it worked for him. You can also try to clean it.

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More things: before, the problem only occurs when I am opening steam/playing steam games. Now it's not. I don't have any anti virus installed and I have factory reset my laptop once. Disabling firewall is not helping anything.

Did you get a solution to the problem, I have the same exact issue as yours i did everything you mentioned. Still facing the similar issue, Not sure what to do. You found any solutions yet?

I am having similar problem from last 1.5 year sometime it just disappear sometime a hard shutdown works sometime unistalling the device works but recently it has become very recent and is not getting solved is the windows the culprit if so does anyone tried switching to Ubuntu or so please tell if that solved the problem

Me and my friend have Asus Tuf A17 and we both have this problem.

Tried everything , no fix

f*cked up whats wrong with ASUS A15 they so annoying , even you try all ways for fix the &&^& adapter

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BEST SOLUTION LINK: https://www.reddit.com/r/ASUS/comments/e...

FixIT: Wlan Realtek 8821CE, install version 2023.79.0619.2018, avoid cuts (the wifi connection is disabled)

Realtek Bluethoot, the paired headphone driver to disable hands-free telephony services avoid audio cuts



After sleep / hibernation sometimes does not connect or if connected does not navigate even if it shows connected and internet:

The solution check energy profiles and set maximum performance for wireless adapter in both battery and connected mode.

In addition, a task is added to initialize the wifi driver with the Nirsoft Devmain.exe utility at command level

LINK REFERENCE: ( although I speak of Bluetooth is to use the same procedure for Wifi)


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Hi @pedro_083

The make and model number of the WiFi adapter is shown in Device Manager.

If Win 10 is installed, right click on the Windows Start button on the left side of the Taskbar and select Device Manager.

When the Device Manager window opens, scroll down to Network Adapters and click the > symbol to expand the list and find the WLAN adapter information.

According to the parts list (click on Sub Board checkbox) for the model the part number is 0C012-00141000 but it doesn’t show the make etc.

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Hi @Joshua Manasye,

Try running the laptop in safe mode with networking and check what happens to the WiFi. (Note: There is no Device Manager in safe mode as only generic Windows drivers are loaded and not hardware specific drivers)

If it doesn't fail it is a driver or software problem. Presumably the drivers are up to date so check what programs are being loaded at Startup (in Normal mode) Go to Task Manager > Startup.

If you don't know what they're for Google the name. Some are necessary and some aren't. You can disable one at a time by right click on the program and click on disable, then restart the laptop and then check what happens. If disabling causes other problems go back and enable them again the same way as you disabled them.

If it also fails in safe mode more than likely it is a hardware problem.

Does this also happen when the charger is connected?

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I only have 3 Startup Apps running.

1. LGHUB (for my mouse)

2. Radeon Software Startup Task

3. Windows Security notification icon

I'm going to try the safe mode.

EDIT: I can't use wifi in safe mode with networking. My friend suggested me to try linux to test it. Is it really my last option?

After looking more in the internet, I realized something. A lot of people have this problem and it appears while gaming. Is it possible that it's a power issue so the GPU is drawing too much power making the network adapter dead?

@Joshua Manasye

You said "This happens randomly, while gaming, or just using discord and zoom, and even after I just restarted...." and also "before, the problem only occurs when I am opening steam/playing steam games. Now it's not." so I took this to mean that it happens at any time not just gaming.

Here's a link that may work.

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Maybe your computer drivers are outdated. Make sure that you have updated one.

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Where can you check this? If its the ones on the Device Manager, they're all updated.

Is your computer also Asus Tuf Gaming FX505GT?

Realtek NIC has this common problem

Just try istalling intel wireless drivers everything will be fixed . I had the same problem on the same laptop. So, I tried installing intel drivers and it is working fine.

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Has anyone been able to solve this problem? I bought my Asus tuf A15 1.5 years ago more or less, and since the past week this has been happening. The first intance the wifi option disappeared was while I was playing dead by daylight, internet connection suddenly dissapeared. I went to customer support and they told me the laptop was not recognizing the wifi card, as if it was not there, they however fixed it, but only for like 3 days. The problem occured again, and funnily enough, again while playing dead by daylight. I’m not sure but I think it may be someting related to overheating? However that would be a dissapointment, as I bought this laptop for the purpose of gaming and it was nothing short of expensive. Maybe this laptops have that factory problem? As I’m not the only one with the same issue.

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It seems to be a hardware issue. after reinstalling windows for the 3rd time, and even having linux say no to it, i just replaced the wifi card. i guess just cheep and nasty. This one works for me: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/...

If you aren't sure how to replace it then reply to this and i will upload some images for you!

@bs_zombie Previously, what is your tuf laptop series? and what's your wifi card name before you replaced it? I have same trash issue with other people about lost wifi connection while playing steam game, maybe after 3-5 minutes in game and then the wifi was dissapear, and I had to restart my laptop, do you have the some issue with me or other?

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I recently fixed this by replacing the network card. Costed me around 1500 I had the same problem but no issues after replacement.

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Which card did ya replace??

I mean from the service centre or from a local shop??

What worked for me is taking out the card and cleaning it with a dry cloth. Also, blow some air gently at the port before re-plugging to remove any dust. The WiFi fuction was fixed after this.

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Guys i found a solution few days back i had this problem for 1 Year, The solution is open your laptop Back case and plug out and plug in the card gently. And it will be fixed, Worked for me and works like a charm after that. Let me know if it helps!

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Methods to fix

Fix 1: Show the hidden devices in Device Manager.

Fix 2: Run the network troubleshooter.

Fix 3: Update the driver for your wireless network adapter.

Fix 4: Reset the Winsock settings.

Fix 5: Replace your network interface controller card.


Rachel Gomez

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When WIFI signals keeps disappearing on the Asus laptop, you need to check the signal strength. Most probably, the Asus laptop settings are incorrect.

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the laptop and router are with in the 8 meters of range.
  2. Go to the settings, here you need to update the wifi driver on the laptop. also, you need to make sure that the router firmware is working perfectly fine.
  3. Sometimes, Wifi keeps disappearing on the asus laptop because of the driver or computer issues. so you need to delete the driver. now reconfigure the Asus laptop.

once you will make these changes into the Asus laptop. your device will start working fine. for more details, you need to visit askrpob blogs. there you will find the complete guide.

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the fix is literally just replacing the problem smh

meanwhile asus didnt replace my wifi card when i brought it to sevice center

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Well check out this it might helpful for you:https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/wind...

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