Unknown Imei Samsung Galaxy Note 8 /Imei desconocido note 8

Hi there, i have samsung galaxy note 8. The screen was broken and I took it to repair (official samsung support). Before that I made bckup copy trough Smart Switch. After that, I erased data trough Google “Locate my device service”. Phone was repaired (Screen, back, jack and battery), and I took it home to put the copy back. While i was doing that, Smart Switch told they have software update for the phone, and i choose to do so. While updating, it gave me error message and told to follow instructions. After that, the SIM card is not recognized on the phone anymore. IMEI number is unknown (i have the right imei on the original box from samsung). Cant call or receive messages.

Have done soft and hard factory reset and pput back backup copy but nothing changes.

Took it back to Samsung official store, they want to charge me 300 € for changing motherboard. Samsung want help neither (it is not under warranty anymore) Please, I need some help:

What happened? Is there any fix for that? Rooting the device can help?

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