I have gl502vt and it crashes after some minitues.

i don’t know the reason or root so i am just going to write the problems.

1.it crashes with no specific interval

2.sometimes it make buzzing sound while freezing

3.when i try to shut down it work properly but if i use restart than it will stop at asus logo and than nothing.

and this 4th point may be the reason (i don’t know really)

4.i have new power cable for adapter, so sometime when i try to plug in ,it instantly freeze ,than i have to shut it down by pressing power button,

and when i try to work on with only laptop battery it work most of the time fine without freeze

but to counter there was once when it started to work perfectly without any freeze for month even with the power cable and than windows update came and i have to update and shut down and all the problem started again.

i try to uninstall last window update but i still got the same freezing problem.

i am very confused what is the reason for such freeze

i have try some methods like

when freeze happens

i forcefully shutdown laptop than i start and again i shut down it with proper shutdown method. most of the time it works until the battery dies than i charge my laptop and after that when it charged completely i use it without power cable.

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Can you try a different compatible adapter and check if the problem still occurs?

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