New Battery Causes frequent Low Power Sleep


a week ago I swapped the battery of my mid-2012 15" MBP with a new one from IFIXIT, because one cell is bloated.

With this new battery I keep getting a couple of low power sleeps a day, according to the log (which I'm watching closely for a couple of days now) about 2-5 within 24hrs.

This despite the MBP is connected to mains!

About two hours ago it performed a hard reboot while rendering a video.

Also it seems I can't drain the new battery fully without the MBP doing a hard shutdown. Apparently it doesn’t get enough time to go to hibernation properly.

I'd suspect the replacement battery, there's no other pattern I can see.

The sleeps also happen when I'm not touching the MBP for hours and let it sit there and idle. So it's not just heavy load which causes this. The log always says “low power sleep”.

Since I’m going on stage with this notebook I can’t afford the MBP to quit working just like that.

I did the calibration procedure and reset the SMC a couple of times, no luck.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Michael.

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