Repair guides and support for the sixth generation of Ford F-Series trucks. Models include the F100, F150, F250, F350, and others.

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How to install smog pump

My 1978 Ford F250 pickup didn't have smog pump now i have to not sure about the belt do i have to disconnect other belts first?

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debi, you did not tell us what engine size your F250 is. To pass emission inspection I think you will further need an EGR valve. An Air (SMOG) pump, which fits into the bracket the alternator also fits in and runs from a separate belt from the alternator. AIR hose/tubing/valve. This was a 3-way: one output went into the exhaust ahead of the cat; another went into the heads via a manifold at the back of the engine. Charcoal evap. canister. You will need two if you have dual tanks. Various vacuum hoses, one-way valves, thermo valves, etc. I attached a few images, but can not be more specific due to engine size. Hope this helps somewhat....let us know. Good Luck

Besides the great images, there is lots of info on here

1st is a 5.8L engine, the rest are routings.

Block Image

Block Image

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