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Repair and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion dv6 model of laptop computer.

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I know this is an old pc, what cpu’s are compatible with it?

I got a pavilion dv6 from my gma (free) and want this thing to be as fast as possible. It currently has a mobile amd turion II. Is there anything faster than this thats compatible with it?

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Personally. I am not very familiar with PC hardware but when it comes to laptops, I didn't think there was much you could do for upgrades beyond storage and RAM. Again, I could be totally wrong there.

@keegenpayne This laptop is so old that it in fact has a socketed cpu, like a desktop. I didnt know this till till i took it apart.


Hi Keegan,

So why comment? An SSD hard drive will give almost ANY old PC a substantial performance upgrade.


Well the op was regarding CPU not the HD. So a HD upgrade wasn't really relevant.

@Dylan Devries Cool, I had no idea laptops used to have socketed CPUs!

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We would need to know exactly what DV6 yours is. There are a few different variants (with UMA memory and those with discrete memory for the graphics system) . Some variants are using soldered processors and thus you can’t replace it. Even if it is possible to upgrade the processor it will still not turn into a speed demon. I suggest that the best upgrade you can do is to install a solid state drive. Also, max out the RAM (upgrade to 8 gigs). Either upgrade will be helpful and will be a marked improvement. Download the service manual for your laptop from here It’ll tell you all you need to know about your computer.

Update (09/11/2020)

Dylan Devries if you want to go and try some processor just keep in mind that your computer socket is S1g4. here is a list of compatible processors. If you really want to try something decent a Phenom II Black Edition Quad-Core would work in the same socket. Your motherboard will support it but we do not know if your BIOS does. That can become a major issue since we do not know which ones are BIOS supported. Since you are going for a custom case etc you must pay particular good attention to the cooling requirements. The greater the processing power the more heat is generated.

Again, I’d go max RAM and SSD first :-)

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ive taken it apart, it has a socketed cpu. Let me get the model

I checked the E2-3000M and A4-3300M CPUs and those are even still socketed - even the Pentium B940 is safe. Soldered chips shouldn't be an issue here. That's more of a Haswell-present issue; and Haswell still had socket options. Broadwell-present is soldered across the board on the Intel side and it's similar for AMD.

But yeah I agree; SSD and RAM first unless OP somehow gets a cheap CPU. And it probably needs a good cleaning and repaste as well anyway, so it's not a complete waste of time if the CPU they have now is on the lower end and want to do it at the same time, but I wouldn't specifically open it just for that.

@nick @oldturkey03 @mike

I repasted the cpu, the model of the pavilion is dv6-3120us. It originally ran windows 7, has 4gb ddr 3, and has an amd turion II p540 dual core mobile cpu, with amd rs880 graphics. Is there any better cou that will work with this laptop? I am running it off the ac charger as the battery is long dead

@Dylan Devries Turion II P540 benchmark. Phenom II N970

Look at the model of the CPU you want against that to see if it's worth bothering. The only way I can say it would make sense is if you max this out in terms of what CPU it takes. This job is a bear so go for the best CPU you can get. You still only gain +846 CPU performance points but you're getting a 4C/4T (quad core) CPU coming from a dual core.

Get the CPU cheap enough and you will not be in a bad position at all from where you're coming from. 35W quad core is not bad at all.

And yeah @oldturkey03 I'm with you on the SSD/RAM - max it out before going for the CPU and see if you're happy with it then - if not, the CPU is like $35 on eBay but they mostly come from China unless you salvage one from a compatible parts laptop. I went for RAM/SSD first in my E6440 and it makes more of a difference then putting the i5 4310M in and that's not enough of a gain since you'd get more from an SSD over a marginally faster i5. The i7 4610M would probably make a notable improvement with 8GB RAM/SSD, but I'm already kneecapped by the cooler and BIOS so I can't go beyond dual core. I changed the thermal paste, but I didn't change the CPU. I used a PNY CS900; maybe the OP can take a note of that and see if they can find one locally or on Amazon?

I'm sure I would make reasonable gains going from an i5>i7, but the E6440 is kneecaped to the 2C/4T CPUs due to the cooler and BIOS anyway, and you can't modify it because of Intel Boot Guard. I suspect a similar issue may be at play here on this HP - most of the times the compromise is max TDP and BIOS supported CPUs. The OP really should update the BIOS to the latest version so they can max out the processor without worrying.

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The problem with CPU upgrades is not that it can’t be done if the CPU is socketed - the problem is time investment vs. performance gain unless you’re going from a low end entry level CPU to a solid midrange or high end one (Ex: Pentium B950>i5-2450M/Turion II P560>Phenom II N970). There are multiple problems I see on the value side:

  • For Intel systems, the gains are better but you have to be coming from something very low end like a B950 to a 2450M to make this project worthwhile ($15-20 for a used 2450M). You run into similar issues when you move up the i3 on the Intel side as you do with AMD (+864 points with the i3-2350M>i5-2450M). I would only do an i3>i5 swap if I had a compatible CPU and it cost me nothing personally with such close margins. Sub 1,000+ gains aren’t worth the effort required.
  • On the AMD side, the margins are low even when I assume the system shipped with a Turion II P560. You’d need to max this out with the N970 for it to be worthwhile with AMD boards - and you only gain +829 CPU points. That’s a rounding error for the time required to get it.
  • Some CPUs cost about as much as a upgraded computer on the secondary market, without Covid-19 affecting availability.
    • This is HP specific, but they also tend to have problems cooling higher end CPUs well (less without the GPU, though). Stick to midrange options like the i5 or the temps often skyrocket.
  • Soldered CPUs really took off with Broadwell on Intel and later AMD A Series APUs once they retired the Turion and Phenom series, so you’re not affected until you step up to a system from 2013 on the Intel side - timing on AMD is similar.

Yes it can be done since this is just old enough to be safe from the soldered CPU issues we’ve seen since Broadwell on the Intel side (similar timing for AMD), but unless you’re dealing with a low end CPU now and get a good deal on a used Core i5 or AMD equivalent, it’s usually not worth bothering due to the cost to do the swap and the time required. This is not something you can do quickly unless you’ve done it; and if you know how you can tell when it’s a complete waste of time.

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@nick Thanks. I already have the cpu taken out, once i get home i will find what cpu i have in it. I am currently running a live ubuntu off a flash drive. I have a secondary fan for it as i am going to make a custom case for the mobo

@Dylan Devries The HP thermal issues aren't that bad on machines like yours - potential issue with a GPU since it's not using dual fans but onboard video isn't as bad. They just run hotter with the same parts in many cases even with fresh thermal paste. But it isn't outrageously worse. These don't die by existing like they did in 2007/8.

Use a good paste like Artic MX-4. It helps a ton on these hot running machines. Helped my E6440 (i5 4300M/onboard video) get into the range I'm comfortable with without drilling holes as someone told me they did (60-70c). It's not perfect but it's much cooler then the original paste especially as it aged.

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