Screws: Which ones go where?

I just replaced my optical drive and I was very careful to make sure not to loose any of the little screws that I removed from the exterior of my MacBook Pro, yet I have nearly 20 screws left of various sizes and dont know which ones go where. Out of the 20 screws there are 3 different sizes... most are very very small, then there are less than 5 that are just small and another group of less than 5 that are 2/3 times the length than all the rest. Ive already reconnected the ribbon cable attached to the logic board and flipped the computer upside down... This is when I realized that, well, Im screwed. When the guides refer to phillips are they referring to one specific size? My main concern is where the longer ones go because i dont want to risk damaging anything.

PS This is my first time attempting to fix my computer myself and everything was going great thanks to this wonderful site I found. The step by step guides are awesome! Ive already recommended it to a few people ;)

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This is just a hunch.

If you have three very long screws then your machine is not the MacBook Pro.

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If you do have any problems I can probably help. I've been into this machine over 10 times and own one.

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You should have 21 screws on the table to assemble your A1211 top case MBP. Now just look at the iFixit guide here:

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Hard Drive Replacement

You should be able to mesure the screws and find their locations if not group the screws by size, take a picture with your digital camera, upload the pict here and someone will tell you their locations.

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