Why is my MBP charging at only 2.78 watts?


so I have a MBP from 2012 that I’m trying to revive. It’s cleaned and everything, and everything works perfectly apart from the battery. The original battery would no longer charge, so I bought a new one from Simplo.

Coconutbattery tells me the battery is in good condition, was manufactured in may of last year and everything seems accurate and correct. Only thing is that it only charges up to 58 percent and then stops. I tried many times, but 58 (once 59) and it just stops. The orange magsafe light turns green and that’s that.

I tried everything from cleaning the adapter and connecting port, trying another adapter, pram, vram, smc (I think. Not sure whether I did that one correctly).

Anyone with some tips?

Thank you very much in advance!!

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