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Required wattage for Labtec LCS-2408 subwoofer adapter?

What wattage is needed for this 15V negative tip adapter?

I bought this computer subwoofer used, without an AC adapter or manual. It is marked for 15V, negative tip, but gives no indication of wattage or amperage. Labtec's official site does not support this item any longer. Can anyone offer advice?

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It is more important to get the amperage right. The calculations that I have for my power supplies are based on the wattage of the device. Amp=Watts/Volt So lets assume your subwoofer has 30watts and you know you need a 15V power supply 30/15=2amp (2000mAmp) The power supply I would be looking for in this case would be 15V2000mA or higher on the amperage, since it is your device that will draw the amperage. Hope that makes sense. Good Luck.

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