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The JBL Flip 5 is a small portable Bluetooth speaker, released in August 2019. It offers an IPX7 rating for water resistance and up to 12 hour battery life. Model: TT

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Why does the speaker keep skipping every 3-5 seconds

my flip 5 whenever connected to my or anyone phone seems to play the music perfectly for about 3 minutes then starts skipping every 3-5 seconds. I have already tried JBL support and factory resetting it. Any Ideas?

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Have you tried connecting it to a different device?

Several. Not the issue.

For me, it only seems to happen when I have my identical Flip 4 speakers in Stereo mode, using the JBL app for Iphone SE. Hadnt used stereo mode in some time and when I went to use it today, I got a message to update. I updated both speakers, rebooted the phone and the speakers and still getting speaker interruption of mixed duration after 10 minutes or so of playing just fine. Several times, the JBL app said “trying to find devices”. Strange to me, when just minutes ago, it had found both, identified them by color and was playing fine in stero.

I have not tried doing factory reset yet. I am on the latest iphone IOS. There are no other bluetooth devices in range for the phone to connect to. I will keep you posted.

OK, so I am apparently stupid and i own it. BOTH speakers apparently had to be fully charged.

However, I cannot discount that my wifi connection went down in this mess. I charged the speakers while I rebooted the modem and then the router. Sorry, but who now knows where the problem lies, My guess... it was the the speakers being marginally charged.

Best wishes.

Your phone is not compatible. I have the same phone A21 I'm going to switch.

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Here's what's up... The stereo "pairing" between say, two Flip 6s using "Partyboost", happens between the speakers (two channel stereo). In other words, music is sent to a speaker, and the firmware of that speaker determines which channel it plays and which channel is sent to its partner speaker (both channels are not the same).

Having both speakers paired up in Bluetooth settings sends the same data to each speaker, each of which attempts to do its part by playing one channel and sending the other to its partner speaker... And the result is a choppy, horrible sounding mish-mash of the two. The speakers were not designed to receive and process the same data... One is the pitcher, and the other is the catcher, so to speak. It doesn't matter which one is which as long as one speaker pitches and one speaker catches.

The solution is to "forget" one of the speakers in your Bluetooth settings, and allow the firmware of your speakers to perform the separation and playing of stereo channels, by using the specialized buttons on whatever speakers you're using to connect to each other. Those buttons are essentially telling one speaker it's the pitcher, and the other is the catcher. The app does the same thing.

Where JBL has dropped the ball is in the implementation of the firmware. It should prevent BOTH Bluetooth speakers from performing the same role but instead seems to encourage it, making it impossible for what would be otherwise impressive software to do what it was designed to do.

Hope this helps, because once you get through it, the sound quality and performance of these speakers in stereo is nothing short of amazing.

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Indeed, I managed to get rid of the disruptions on 1 of the 2 JBL Charge 4 speakers by connecting to 1 speaker in the Android Bluetooth settings. Next use the Bluetooth party mode buttons on both Charge 4 to get party mode without disruptions. However, the stereo mode in the JBL app cannot be used this way.

Using Samsung S22 Ultra, a couple of feet away from the speakers.

I just bought a second charge 5 to go with the one I have (figured I’d get the cool stereo mode going). Once I got it home I couldn’t figure out why it was so glitchy. Both were spitting and sputtering. Went into my Bluetooth settings and sure enough, both speakers were connected. Shut one off and works perfect. Thanks for the tip.🤙

I noticed the skipping of sound as well when more than one speaker is attached (specifically, I have three JBL extreme 2 model speakers running off iPhone Bluetooth with Spotify) which never occurred when only one was attached. Solution: I noticed that the sound distortion only occurred when I brought the iPhone sending out the Bluetooth signal within a few feet of the speakers (not including the first speaker I connected it to, but only the other 2). As soon as I put my iPhone in the middle of the room away from all of the speakers the distortion resolved.

Thank you!!! I have been having annoying sound problems with my JBL Charge 5 speakers in stereo for over two months now. I have tried nearly everything, including resetting my phone. I don't know why I didn't think of this weeks ago.

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My JBL Flip 4 did this until I figured out it was interference from my daughter's phone, she had used my speaker earlier in the day & when I started to used it it was skipping. I shut her Bluetooth off & it works jus fine !!! Thank God, lol. So try making sure no other Bluetooth devices are interfering. Unfortunately, if that doesn't work, hard tellin cause JBL Speakers are known to do this often.

Thank y'all & Have a Great Day 😊

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It happens only when multiple devices are connected at the same time.

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False. See my post above.

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NONE of those is the reason, and every troubleshooting option they have is BS and does nothing. This affects the JBL Xtreme 3 of the same generation tech too. It seems JBL has just massively screwed up the new line. I’m 5 speakers in and they ALL have this issue when connecting to any number of audio sources. Epic failure on JBL. Their past gen models were never like this!

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bought my first JBL a fwe days ago.

i've had many, many, many Bluetooth speakers over the years.

Sony mostly.

Never have I had such issues with stuttering on any speaker before.

While they work mostly fine alone, pairing another is shocking.

The app is dreadful. Only lets you change colours (on Pulse 4) on one speaker! Can't update software on both, just the main one. ;(

Then i paired one with a projector. Worked. BUT the Partyboost button wont allow connection to second speaker. Waste of money.

If this is JBL Pro Sound then they need to look hard at their quality control on hardware and software.

I have a two JBL Xtreme 2 models and it does the exact same issue. If I connect two of them together and put it in stereo mode with the app there's a signal interference clicking noise randomly. Which is really upsetting because when I originally bought these the whole idea was to be able to have two speakers that are wireless that I could pair into stereo yet they failed so miserably.

Happens to any device I try. Happened right out of the box, happened after firmware update. Happened with only one device on. Happened with all three speakers. This is not the issue.

it's something very wrong with their hardware or software!

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It can be any one of the reasons, including:

  • Low battery
  • Interference from other electronic devices or radio waves
  • Your device is not compatible or no longer supported
  • The device is outside of the Bluetooth range/Bluetooth signal might not be strong enough and stable enough
  • The Bluetooth app has a bug

You can just troubleshoot one by one until it fixes the issue.

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What if u did all of this and still nothing? And it still skips I have samsung a21 phone and flip 5

I got the same phone and same problem with the flip 5 but when I hooked it up to my charge 4 it worked perfectly.

None of these issues. Even tested multiple speakers in a signal isolated room and still had the issue. The issue is 100% JBL and likely a firmware or hardware flaw.

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Same here. The sound from either one of a pair of Flip 6 has slight changes for a bit every some seconds and my ears can't just cope with it.

The speakers are on my left and right hand sides of my headboard and the source of the music has been sitting on my lap (my iPhone 14).

I tested them by resetting each speaker with "PLAY"+"+" combo, then carefully following the instructions at https://support.jbl.com/fi/fi/howto/sett...

The sound has been streaming from the Spotify app with premium subscription. I'll be testing this later with other music apps.

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I have 2 charge 5 updated. Have the same problem as everyone else. Paired alone it’s fine. Try to use the stereo mode and it keeps cutting out. Now I read what they said about interference. So I say to my wife. Don’t use the microwave. Go unplug all my 2.4 and 5 GB devices. Wait. I won’t have wifi to stream my music. Well ok I just try my cellular connection till I get this figured out. I say babe. Walk my phone and the 2 speakers to the end of the yard. Away from modern technology. Then try it. Hmmmmm still doing it . I say babe set down everything and walk away. She says whaaaat. Guess she couldn’t hear me way out there. SO I yell it again real load. Dam still not working. I yell back out. Put the speakers close together. I mean nothing like experience stereo with the speakers close together touching each other. Hmmmm. Still doing it. I yell out. Bring them back in. I tell her thanks for the help and good job and send her on her way and investigate more. Hmmm. See something interesting. Make sure both speakers are not both connected to Bluetooth. Well they both were. Ok maybe we getting somewhere with this. Hook one up to blue tooth. Then pair the other one through the app. Try it out. Ok it’s playing stereo. Oh dam. There it goes again. Now I yell to my wife. Your not using the microwave are you. No Im not she says. You didn’t plug anything back in did you. No I didn’t. Ok then I need you to walk back out in the yard. Why don’t you do that yourself she says. Yea I guess I could. Walk it out there. Try all that all over again and the same thing. Even make sure the speakers are touching each other for that great stereo sound. Nothing like stereo with zero separation. Try placing the phone in different spots. I did notice that touching the phone didn’t help my problem. Made it worse. Just walking by the speaker would cause it to screw up. I also noticed if I would get a email notification with sound it would mess it up. I just wanted to say to the engineers who designed this. Good job JBL employees that might not be employed anymore. Let’s make a app for the charge 5 that gives you stereo but at the same time is interrupted with all the modern technology that comes along with your home. Cameras, wifi, microwave ovens. Wireless headphones that are 2.4 GH. They even said RF. I swear I didn’t touch the remote for my ceiling fan even once during this whole process. Even the phone that your using it with messes it up if you touch it. I am truly impressed. I’m even more impressed that you still have not fixed it. Been a year I been playing with this. Been reading back 2 years for some. I thought to my self. At this point I would settle with a wire connected to both speaker to transmit data. There’s a idea. But not a great idea but better then what they come up with. Just make the cord more then 12 inches long so I can enjoy a little separation with the stereo sound.

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