Reebok ZR9 - Beeping and Screen flashing

Not hopeful with this, but thought it was worth a shot anyway.

I’ve searched online and this seems to be a very common fault with the model and essentially all I can find it ‘Motor control board needs to be replaced’ and this is actually Reebok’s official answer if you go through their support channels. The replacement however is about £70 so I wondered if there is actually any way to fix the problem/if anyone knows/or if anyone knows at least how I could diagnose the specific issue?

Thanks in advance!

Update (12/07/2020)

Block Image

Picture of the control board if that could help anyone assist me :)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (12/11/2020)

Just giving this a little nudge

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@fimba have you removed the board before you took the picture? The thermal paste on the right side bottom IC seems to be separate. Does it still make contact with the heatsink?

Hi yeah, I removed all the wires and that’s the board now sitting in my desk, I’ll check the heat sink, the thermal paste is always coming off. I heard the problem comes from the treadmill not having power all of the time, not sure if that’s relevant.

YEs it is. Apparently this model does not like to be unplugged. Made me wonder if that was an issue which could originate from poor power IC's. Any chance you can add some more pictures possibly capturing those IC's by the heatsink etc.?

I’ll add a picture to the OP now of what I think you’re referring to, can’t really see much though

Thank you so much. You are right, it’s kind of hard to make out but the legs of FD1 look a little odd to my old eyes. If you get a chance take a picture of the bottom side. I keep wondering if a reflow may work since some of that looks like cold solder joints.

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