The Nikon D90 is a 12.3 MP DSLR camera capable of taking photos and video.

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My Nikon D90 flash doesnt work

When I take a picture the flash goes off, how ever the image looks like no flash was used, I went to menu reset but this did not work any suggestions? is this a setting issue or do I need to take the camera to a repair shop.

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It sounds like a settings issue. If your flash works, it might just be not bright enough or to much delay. Check the manual here about your front controls and it will assist you with the flash. I would also try to turn autofocus off and try it as a manual camera. It is possible that all the automatic functions cause more delay than a manual camera.

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The sensor for the flash is actually the clear frame around the flash tube. There is a black 'wire' attached to it (actually a light pipe) that attaches to the frame and then goes back to the 'sensor' at the rear of the flash base (the part that flips up). Pop up the flash and remove the screws underneath to remove the top cover of the flash and make sure the 'wire' is in place. Caution: if the flash is on or has been used before there is over 300 volts across the flash tube. Do not touch either end of the flash tube or you will get a nasty shock.

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