RESOLVED : Allingment Why NVME M.2 Not Fit with the Logic Board? HELP

Hi all,

I'm new and too exiting to upgrade my iMac due its lag after two years upgraded with SSD, and now i wanted to upgrade the nvme.

Info : My iMac actually just included HDD, but there a slot nvme, that i read 27” have slot nvme, so i opened the imac, and research some ssd and the adaptor.. so, i decided to pick power silicon 2280 nvme 512gb ssd with an adaptor sintech ST-NGFF2013C

The Case : The Nvme + Sintech Adaptor is not Fit in the Logic Board ( please look the picture ) , look the screw hole is not fit like it need more push, but it can't.

Block Image

I checked the logic slot is clean, but looks like the adaptor is more bigger so it not clicked, or i do buy wrong adaptor or i have missing tips to install it?

What do you think about this issue, please advise

I appreciate of all your responses ,


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Hi all,

Thanks.. i just figured it out

Do research on other forum, and found another person that same issue with me


It just need more gentle push


Thanks GOD & all

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