Logicboard broke, hdd not detected after installing Sierra

I have a MBP Early 2011 El Capitan, battery is on ‘replace now’ status, GPU disabled since my local store doesn’t have the parts to replace the board. No Time Machine.

I decided to upgrade to Sierra since some of the programs I wanted to use need the OS upgrade. I used the link on the Apple website, downloaded the package & installed. It restarted & was stuck on 70% bar. I waited for a day & through it, the sleep light went on, so I clicked the pad so wake it up. Unfortunately there was a sudden power outage so the laptop died.

I tried booting it but it won’t boot normally (black screen). I then used single user mode, it booted & I can browse a bit but it started to have weird flashing effect on screen. I tried this three times, same thing happened. So I used the single user mode & tried to reinstall Sierra with that.

Still the same as previous install, stuck at 70% bar with sleep light on. After a day, it shut down by itself & I boot it up only to see blue screen. I reset the NVRAM on panic & forgot I had disabled the GPU. So now I have a screen with vertical lines. I tried a tutorial to disable the GPU again but it didn’t work as I can’t go to the single user mode anymore after this install.

So I went to my local store, and after the diagnosis they told me that my logicboard is faulty (I already knew this) & that my disk is undetectable. There are no other Apple fix stores in my area except this one and they said that they can’t fix it.

I’m not going to get a 2012 motherboard as I’d rather get a new laptop & the GPU disabled trick lasted me for years. Is this fixable? If it is, please help. If it’s not, what solutions is best for me now? I have a Windows laptop to try the solutions recommended. Thanks for helping.

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What is your drive? a HDD or SSD?

Hello, thanks for replying! It's hdd.

Can you (theoretically) still use the monitor & hook it up to a pc? I’m honestly stuck. Most of the solutions I find are to replace the board to a 2012 one & get a new hdd. But they were installing the os from a working screen which, I do not have since it broke.

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