Why is the fan loud on bootup

LCD Screen is disconnected. Has Mac chime. Has external video. Fan gradually gets loud. Does not complete booting, it restarts.

Reset SMC and PRAM, no change.

Note: When resetting PRAM. The 1st mac chime is at normal volume, the 2nd mac chime is at much lower volume.

Please help!

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First your system will ramp up the fan when the internal display is removed! This is normal as SMC has lost access to the display sensors as it assumes things are not right.

SMC will ramp up the fan and lower the CPUs clocking so the system doesn't overheat.

I would carefully reconnect the cables getting the internal display working using some painters tape to hold the screen on. Now using a USB connected keyboard restart your system pressing the D key to enter into diagnostics. Did you get an error, is the fan still racing?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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