Replaced all fuses and element still does not heat up

We have checked the continuity and changed all fuses and elements still no heat

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Brian Sydow what make and model is your Dryer? What is going on with it? Which fuses did you change? What else have you checked?

Checked what continuity? Of the elements? And what fuses? Have you checked the high temp safety switches? I can't post pics here in the comments but this could be the problem. They fail, and when they do they stop the elements from turning on. Make sure they all work, and replace those that don't. To test, disconnect a wire from one connector and rest continuity across them. If no continuity even though cool... it's bad. They aren't expensive either. But check them all


Have you checked that there is 240V AC i.e. 2 x 120V AC, being supplied to the dryer?

I realize that you said that you "changed all fuses" but having a good fuse doesn't necessarily mean that the power is getting there, e.g. faulty wiring, faulty power outlet, faulty dryer power cable etc.

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