Cracking speaker output from TV

can you help me by identifying speakers to change internally.

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Have you proved that the problem is with the speakers and not with the TVs audio system, type of connection e.g. HDMI, coax etc or signal source e.g. cable box, antenna etc.

If you haven't already done this try the TV sound test and check if it is clear or not Go to Screen Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Sound Test >Try Now.

If that is clear you may have to check the input type or the signal source.

Try connecting a dvd player to the TV and check if the audio from it is clear or not.

What have you tried?

It definitely a speaker issue and not the connection type. as the sound is craking while rising in volume, and on music.

I need the model number/Name for the given TV model, so i can replace the speakers myself.

@Lohith Madhava

You may have to look on the speakers in your TV to see if there is any information on them as I can't find any parts manual or service manual online for the TV

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