MacBook Pro only displays externally.

Hi, my MacBook Pro only displays to an external display and will not display to the internal one. I've tried everything, like shining a flashlight through the back, doing a PRAM reset, and doing an SMC reset. I've even swapped out the display. When booted, the internal display is detected, but there is no backlight and no video being displayed internally. Any help would be great.

Block Image

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@person132 post some pictures (close up and clear) of the display connector. Any Corrosion etc. noted when you worked on it? When you swapped out the screen you made sure that it is the right LCD for this model? 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

Hi, so I uploaded an image for the display connectors, and one thing I didn't say was it is the display for a 2011, but I did put the 2012 display back on and it made no difference. The display connectors for the 2011s and 2012s are very similar with only the latch being different. But there is nothing out of the ordinary by the connector.

@person132 maybe it's just my old eyes but what are those tentacles on the display connector? Has this ever been repaired? Could be just the picture too. Any chance you can zoom in for me on those to see what that is?

That screen cable seems to be well cooked, picture is not crystal clear but it seems it suffered liquid damage and traces seem to be exposed. If picture is that of the replacement screen, little wonder it doesn't work. As @oldturkey03 mentioned a zoomed in pic would help clear doubts, but what my old eyes can see is not very encouraging.

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