Top half of fridge warm, bottom half of fridge freezing, fan works.

Hi so I have a Sub-Zero model 532 fridge, and the top half of the fridge is warm, while the bottom of it has ice build-up on the back wall. I initially suspected a faulty fan but upon testing the fan seems to be working fine. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and how to fix it?

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Just verifying that you checked the evaporator fan inside the compartment and not the condenser fan outside near the compressor?

Maybe check that the door seals OK making a good seal, and not letting the cold air out (or the warmer air in).

+1 to checking the seals are in good condition, sounds like the compressor is working extra hard and all the cool air is getting out. you will likely burn out your compressor.

Read your owner's manual and see if yours has an automatic defrost cycle. If not, the ice build up in the back may be a frozen block of ice formed on the evaporator coils. If defrost cycle doesn't exist then you'll have to shut off the refrigerator, empty the freezer and leave it open to begin melting the frozen ice buildup. You may have to use heat from a hair dryer or leave a 75 watt lamp in the freezer with door closed to accelerate defrosting. Be careful of electrocution hazards when using any heater to melt frozen ice behind the wall hiding the evaporator coils.

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