90 GMC 1500 4.3 no power to the throttle body injectors

New control module new pickup coil in the distributor need distributor no power to the injectors

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Did you try searching for GMC forums that may have experienced owners and GM techs to help with diy repairs? Did you check for fuel and fuel pressure?

@brandon_k Are you expert on 90 GMC 1500 4.3L? I am not therefore my suggestion to find more experienced GMC owners.

Are you the administrator or moderator to point out how I should ask questions? Belittling comments aren't called for. There are many who state no power to injectors and unable to diagnose EFI system problems. Painstakingly asking specific questions narrows diagnosing and troubleshooting. No power to TBIs means to me a person may not know TBIs cannot have power to injectors if ignition is turned on otherwise the engine would flood. Checking for fuel and pressure are valid questions without having power to injectors. I'm familiar with MPFI operating no differently from throttle body injectors using the same basic EFI fundamentals; no injector operation with ignition on, fuel should be on fuel rail, fuel pressure should be available at ignition on time but fuel pump may run for a brief moment if starting doesn't occur, pump runs during starting attempts. I don't assume anyone knows EFI systems so I ask general questions to determine a person's knowledge then tailor replies accordingly. Other forums can help.


Everyone is entitled to answer a question their own way.

Their answer may not suit you but as long as in general it pertains to the question it still may help someone.

To you it may say something that is obviously not applicable but it may point out something that may have been missed by the OP or someone else reading the thread.

With a lot of questions there is no indication given by the OP as to their level of expertise in diagnosing and fixing their particular problem, so sometimes asking the obvious may be needed just to know what they've tried etc. so that other suggestions can be provided

Please refrain from judging other user's responses except perhaps reporting spam and bad language or if it doesn't relate at all to the question i.e. off topic etc.

Please do continue to provide your own answers, as experience has taught me that problems exhibiting the same symptoms do not always have to have the same causes, so the more answers to a problem the better.


@notbroken well perhaps mentioning what you just told me, and explaining why you ask something seemingly irrelevant, wouldn't be a bad idea next time? I'm sorry I've just seen so many times where someone says go find a forum, instead of trying to answer. Drives me nuts. This IS a forum, you know? And it doesn't have to be specific to a make/model for alot of questions. What will work for a Ford, alot of times, will work with a chevy, etc.

I wasn't belittling you. Apologies if you feel that I was.

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