CPU overload after installing new battery.

I have a MacBook Pro A1286 Early 2011, i7 2GHz 8GB, running MacOS High Sierra.

I have recently restored the MacBook and installed a new battery (after market) when installing the new battery and after entering the OS. The MacBook after around 5-6 mins of use becomes very slow. As can be seen on activity monitor CPU /System usage is around 85-95%.

If I disconnect the battery, CPU / system usage returns to normal at around 8-20%.

My first thought was a faulty battery, I have since purchased another after market battery and I am experiencing the same issue. I have also tried using a different DC board to see if that was the issue.

I have also reset the SMC to see if the power management controller was confused but this does not seem to have altered the situation. Has anyone else come across this issue? Or have a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Update (10/21/2022)

I’ve added screen shots of apple diagnostics with and without the battery installed.

This is the second of two new batteries I have installed, so I’m pretty sure I can’t be unlucky enough to have 2 dud ones…surely.

Update (10/21/2022)

Block Image

Mac Profile

Block Image

With and without new battery installed, running diagnostic.

Block Image

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I would see what the onboard diagnostics tells us. Restart your system and press the D key to enter let us know what the error message is.

If that fails install this app TG Pro you’ll want the full version to get the diagnostics. Post a snapshot of the main window so we can see things.

I’ve added screenshots below to a separate answer to hopefully elaborate.

@AdamMarsden - Sadly, I’m suspecting you got the images halfway as we don’t see them. Go into edit mode, place your cursor where you want to place it, open the Image toolbox double click on the image to finish the posting and save.

@AdamMarsden, do you still have the original (failing) battery? If so, what happens when you put that one in?

@dadibrokeit I don’t have the original battery unfortunately. It’s really an odd issue as the MacBook works perfectly well without a battery connected and CPU load is normal.

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