TV becomes black and white

I operate my tv with receiver and all three pin are connected properly and the tv source is on component PVR STB here it shows black and white hence I need to change into AV PVR STB. All wire are connected properly and it is the problem of tv not receiver

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Help me to fix it


Just confirming that component video from the STB works OK when connected to another TV, is this correct?

Yes if we change tv then it's ok

My father Said it is the problem of a blue chip which found inside tv on the circuit board


B & W is usually in indication that one of the colour signals R, G, B is missing.

Usually the AV input is associated with the G component signal input so you know that input is OK because the AV works.

Maybe check that both the R & B inputs are connected OK to the board.

Disconnect the power to the TV and use an Ohmmeter to prove electrical continuity from the input connector to where it is soldered on the board.

If that is OK you would need to have the schematic diagram for the board t know what to check next but I don't think that you'll find the circuit online.

You may have to just use AV unless you replace the board

Hasn't the STB got a HDMI port that you could use?

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