MITM 4000psi belt drive had a valve cap fly off

MITM 4000psi belt drive had a valve cap fly off, it had blue threadlocker, was on tight, and pressure measured with a pressure gauge was at apprx 3600psi, what would cause that?

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Have you checked to see if perhaps there's a small crack in the cap?

@brandon_k thanks for the reply. I would check it if I could, but after shooting out of the pump I could not find it. This has happened on two of the caps, both are lost. My thought is with the brass being a soft metal, and the pump being 4 or 5 yrs old, somehow the threads either on the manifold or on the cap have weakened. BTW, this is a model TSS1511 pump. Dont know if that info helps any. I've worked on a lot of pumps and have never seen this.

Hi @l_s_p

Don't know much about pumps but either the pressure gauge is not accurate or if it is then perhaps there is too much pressure and this is causing the valve cap to fly off.

According to the specifications the pump is rated at a maximum of 3500 psi.

@jayeff thanks for the reply. I've seen pumps set with to much pressure and the engine will usually shut down cause the torque is to high. This pump initially came in without any pressure and I brought it up to ~3500psi. From what I've read most pumps can tolerate going a little above the max for safety reasons. To your point, if my pressure gauge was not properly reading the pressure that could contribute to creating this issue. I've already ordered a new pump that has been plumbed. Once I've installed it I'll be checking my gauges.

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