Problem with keeping freezer's temperature but fridge works fine (AEG)

3 year old integrated fridge Freezer (AEG) with no frost function has a freezer issue. It takes longer (i think) to reach set temperature (-18C). It stay fine for about few hours and then display red and starts beeping. It seems temperature goes up to -10C. I tried frostmatic mode - it works, freezes water within an hour or so. I've tried defrost it, switched it for the night. Also opened back panel in the freezer - there is no ice, evaporator looks clean - it was a bit wet (i assumed it was normal - it was switched off). The first time the temperature dropped i noticed that the back panel in the fridge would swallow when in frosting mode and becomes normal in defrosting. After defrosting - this issue is gone, no swollen panel seen again. Could you please help to identify the problem?

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Hi @katushka,

What is the model number of the fridge freezer?

Is the compressor motor running when it is -10°C and the beeps occur or is it stopped?

is there a pattern to the beeps?

It's SCE8191VTS model. The beeping is happening every 4-6 hours and compressor sounded running. The screen is red a lot of the time.

Hi @katushka

When the alarm sounds if the compressor is running check if you can hear that the evaporator fan is running. The evap fan is located in the freezer compartment behind a panel where the evaporator unit is located.

You may have to listen for it because if you open the door to feel if the air is moving, the fan will stop. It will start again as soon as the door (either door) is shut. It will run as long as the compressor is also running.

Here's some info for how to turn off the alarm:

Press MODE / Alarm reset switch to deactivate the alarm, the highest temperature reached in the compartment appears on indicator for few seconds.

The flashing alarm should stop and the display illumination changes over from red to white.

During the alarm, the buzzer can be switched off by pressing MODE / Alarm reset switch.

The illumination of the display remains red until normal storage conditions are restored.

The evaporator fan wasn't running when the beeping went on. Normally if it is running i see it running when open the door.

When i press Mode to switch off beeping, display illumination stays red. I had beeping alarm on 3 hours ago, about an hour ago it was still illuminated red, it is not red now (i have -16C set now), and evaporator fan and compressor are both on now.

The water got frozen in the freezer, but freezer accumulators are not, although i think normally they are complete ice blocks

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