Would love to repair a Slice crafts machine from MakingMemories

I have two Slice machines from the company MakingMemories.
Both are out of order, when I power them, and try to cut a design I hear a noise in the machine but none of the components move.

When I open the machine and look inside, there is nothing that is obviously broken, however the shaft where the blade goes up and down seems to get stuck easily.

I would love to know what breaks so easily in them and how to repair them but I am in no way an expert. I am even open to redesign some parts and have them 3D printed in a sturdier material if weak components are the issue. I see hundreds of desperate messages online about these machines going out of order very quickly.

If anyone is willing to help please let me know.

Block Image

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Hi @fabulousrice

Have you seen this video?

Hi! Yes I saw it. Oiling didn't do anything and the wires inside looked where they should be, so it unfortunately didn't help

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