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What is the procedure for upgrading the processor in my computer

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Hi, I have a T5750 2.0 ghz processor I wish to upgrade with a T9300 2.5 ghz I bought on ebay but I don't know where to begin, can someone give me the right sequence, please ? Thanks.

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Ric Rossini, you can download the service manual from here

Here are the steps as listed in the manual:

"Removing the HDD/Memory Module/Wireless LAN Card/TV Tuner Card/

System Fan/Thermal Modules/CPU

Removing the HDD

1. Remove the six screws fastening the CTO cover

2. Detach the CTO cover from the notebook.

Removing the Wireless Card & RAM Module

3. Remove the wireless antenna and remove the wireless screws then remove the wireless card.

4. Pop out the memory module from the DIMM socket then remove it (If the notebook has two memory modules, then repeat this step).

Removing the TV Tunder Card, HDD module and System Fan

5. Disconnect the main and auxiliary antennae from the TV card.

6. Loose two screws from the TV card.

7. Remove the TV card from the machine.

8. Remove HDD module as shown.

9. Remove FAN cable from the machine.

10. Loose the FAN screw.

11. Take out the system fan from the main unit as shown.

Removing the Thermal Modules and the CPU

12. Remove the two screws holding the finger heatsink.

13. Detach the finger heatsink from the main board.

14. Then take out the CPU heatsink from the main board.

15. Use a flat screwdriver to release the CPU lock (Turn counter clock-wise) then remove the CPU carefully."

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks a lot, oldturkey03!

I will try to upgrade thanks to your answer and the service manual you submitted. Ric Rossini from Potenza, ITALY.

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