weird BlueScreen situation which repeats after every restart!


So i have a asus zenbook ux390Ua. when i turn on the laptop, after loading to windows i get a BSOD telling me different errors every time, after restarting it will bsod again. unless i shut it down manually by pressing the power button for 10 seconds in BSOD error page. then when i power it on again, it will work flawlessly even if i stress test it until i shut it down again.

i have tested 3 different ssd drives and had no luck

tested the RAM using the Memtest86 and it ran without errors.

Reinstalled windows 10 and 11, with all the latest drivers, updated bios and nothing helps...

what should i do ?

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Hi @sinahosseini,

Can you get into BIOS first time, every time OK without a BSOD?

Is there any common "theme" with the BSOD error messages i.e. they may be different errors but maybe are pointing to the same problem or piece of hardware?

Can you list a few examples of the error messages that you're getting? (click on Options > Edit in your question and type or paste them there>

Also are there any Critical, Error or Warning events being logged in Event Viewer at the time that these problems occur?

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