Locate the Defrost Sensor (or Element) in a Bosch Refrigerator

My mother's refrigerator do not have the right temperature, in fact have the temperature of environment... Food has been destroyed. I check the freezer unit and is working OK. So i disassemble to see what is happening, because i have already read about the heat element. I found that in the freezer unit and below of the plastic covers, there were much ice. I melted the ice (it took 4 hours with help of fan heater). Now i have assemble it back and all units works fine.

I believe that the Defrost Sensor is damaged (or maybe the Defrost Element), because this problem happened again in past.

But i do not know where they are located, both. I want to start with the Sensor. Can anybody help me ?

I am attaching photos.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @dorosk,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Hi jayeff.

Now i am not at mother's house. If i will go there i will check it but i think that in the front panel there was nothing indicate the exact model. Only the firm "Bosch". And maybe the papers does not exist.

I will check inside the refrigerator or in the rear panel and i will post.

Unfortunately i cannot find any label on the refrigerator, inside, outside, front or back, with the type of it. The only thing there is, is a label says "no frost" and another says "no bacteria with silver".

I have to ask my mother if there are papers for it, but i am afraid there are not.

After a little search i found the model.

It is the KDN46V.

As somebody can see from the pictures i have uploaded, there are three elements which are like sensors.

The first can be seen in the second picture. It is the one that have an "L" shape on the up-left side of the picture.

The second can be seen in the fourth picture. It is place in between these sharp metal plates.

The third can be seen in the last picture and it is on the left of the fan.

Which of these, is the freeze sensor ?


Which country are you in?

I can't find any information about the model you posted in USA, EU or Australia.

You may have to contact Bosch in your location and ask about spare parts availability for the refrigerator

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