I dropped my iBook G4?

I dropped my i book g4 on its corner!

when i press the power button, the startup sound works, but the screen goes directly to a grayscale preset.. and when i close the top, the backlit apple logo stays on.

what should i do? open it up and look for a loose connection??

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This could be any number of things. Which corner hit? Was it open or closed? Try reseating the RAM as it can dislodge sometimes. Hook up to an external monitor to help isolate the problem. We may have to keep pitching till we get a hit on this one.

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I would check 2 things:

  • First, it sounds like your screen is not getting any data. Check the display data cable's connection to both the logic board (step 42 here) and the LCD panel (following steps 45-60 here: it's a different machine but the same process).
  • {{{Edited as per Lemerise's correct info}}} The reed switch above the optical drive is responsible for sleep function. Check to see if it was damaged or dislodged.

Good luck!

iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Logic Board 이미지


iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Logic Board Replacement



iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Display Data Cable 이미지


iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Display Data Cable Replacement


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Ok, I just have to ask....How do you I go about providing those "eye-candy" links?? lol

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Use the [잘못된 안내서 링크] format. Works for [product|IF###### and for [post|postid as well

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Ben, on the 1.42 iBook G4 the sleep magnet is screwed inside the right side center of the display. The reed switch board is located over the optical drive and connect to the logic board near the keyboard socket. I don't think the magnet could be dislodged since it is screwed inside the display. I would check the reed switch board cause it's only glued to the optical drive.

Concerning the grey display I agree with you, the LVDS cable must be disconnected from the display socket.

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Lemerise, you're totally right about the magnet/reed switch! I forgot about that change. Thanks for the correction!

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Majesty: I was very surprised to see those crazy eye-candy links as well!!! It must be a new feature (see how in the loop I am? Ignorance is bliss though!). As Sterling said, I use [잘못된 안내서 링크], whereas the xxxx is the guide number displayed in the url.

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Thanks guys.. i fixed it.. it was the display data cable's connection to the logic board that came loose.

Just for interest sake. i was thinking of upgrading my hard drive to the 320gig that is sold on ifixit, will the 160gig run faster than the bigger one, and is it just a plug and play? also my cd drive makes a clicking noise when i startup and when i insert a cd, is this fixable, the drive still works, but for how long?



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