has started dropping the video, then audio.

I have a Spectrum cable box, and a Denon AVRS760 that in the past week has started dropping the video, then audio. I spent nearly 3 hours on a chat session with Denon support to be told that it was because we don't have a coax surge suppressor. BS!! And Denon appears to need to deny my claim against it. Nice...

I moved the input to a different port, and it drops eventually. I have a Bluray and Apple TV on two of the other ports, and, hard to I know, they work FINE.

Is there a setting for the Spectrum box? I tried different cables, and even swapped the Spectrum box with another one here in the house. So different box? Same issue. Different port? Same issue. Different cables? Same issue.

Is it the TV? Potentially. Is it the Spectrum box? Unlikely as the box ran for over an hour and didn't drop once. The Video always drops first, then the audio. If I hit the power on for the tv, it all comes back. It appears that, WAG, The Denon is getting confused, and dropping the signal, or the TV just doesn't see the Denon for some reason, or the Spectrum box is drifting and the Denon is fanning the signal.

It just dropped minutes ago: TV News playing, screen goes black (in the middle of a story segment) and I hit the power button, and the Samsung TV does it's startup dance, and everything is good, until it happens again. Sometimes it drops in minutes, sometimes it take 20, 30, more minutes. Any luck us, this all started within the last week. Yippee. (The TV is not connected to the internet, but the Spectrum box is, has to be. Someone got a firmware update and it's playing holy heck with everything.

Anyone else seen this startup in the past few weeks? Technology is great while it works...

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Hi @robcow1088

Not sure if this is applicable to your model or not but try starting the TV in safe mode and check if it works OK.

Don't know with TVs but since it uses Android OS, when problems occur in Android phones and using them in safe mode stops the problem from occurring, usually it is a an app that was the problem.

Also maybe check if the latest firmware is installed in the TV - V1012.0, (assuming you have a UN60FH6003FXZA as selected by you), and the Denon

Also the TV firmware was from the Canadian support page so check Samsung downloads for your location just in case.

This is just to eliminate things. If updates for both are available maybe do one first and check before doing the other ;-)

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