Released January 26, 2006 Model Number: PCG-6J2L

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Step by Step CMOS battery replacement

Can you put a step by step guide up on this site that shows where the CMOS battery is located in this model (also known as the VGN SZ110), and how to change it? Thanks Ashley.

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Thanks rj713, but this link is not applicable to my model. I had already found this link, but these instructions do not work for my model. I need one specific to the VGN SZ110 model.

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Here is a link to a step by step guide for replacing the CMOS battery. Good luck.

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I am not sure if you listed your device properly. the tear down instructions are right here Step 10 shows you the RTC battery part number 1-756-544-21 description Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Hope this helps, good luck.

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