Is it possible to test M.2 NICs?

The company I work for goes through a lot of laptops, and one of the common issues we see with the older ones is difficulty connecting to WiFi. Knowing this issue, whenever I strip an old laptop (for data disposal), I pull out the hard drive, the battery, and the NIC. As a result I have quite a stack of M.2 NICs and no idea how well they work. I can test batteries easily enough with a multimeter, but I'm wondering if there's a way to test NICs once they're out of the laptop.

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Hi @specsfixesstuff,

Might be quicker and more reliable if you setup a test laptop and insert the cards in that to test if they work OK.

Windows has generic drivers for a lot of WLAN devices.

You could then also install this WiFi sniffer program to test how good the signal reception is i.e. -dBm value shown by program, as long as the laptop had a good antenna connected to the card.

Just a thought

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