TV message says NO Signal, Press Input and select device

I keep getting the message NO SIGNAL. I have unplugged everything, waited and plugged in back in.

It said press input on remote and select what device. HDMI 1 is already pressed, so pressed it again and nothing. The err message comes back on. ALL my other TVs work fine

Model #NS22D510 NA19 Serial # 2220D6480708119

mfg. 4/2020.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Marge Iovine

516 732 7771

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Hi @marge79480

Please verify the model number of the TV as searching for the model number that you posted shows no results?

Has the TV worked OK before when connected to the signal source that you're trying to use?

Does the TV have more than 1 HDMI input?

If so have you tried connecting the signal source to it?

Does the TV have other input connection types i.e. Composite video (yellow video + red/white audio) or Component video (red/blue/green video + red/white audio) and does the signal source also have that type of output? if so try connecting the two using that option and check if it works OK

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