Sony Xplod CDX-MP30 car stereo head unit features a 52x4 Watt power amplifier and a flip-down detachable face.

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Can I add an AUX port on my player?

Love my player and don't feel like departing from it, can I add a AUX port/cable to it to connect it to my MP3 (Sensa) player?

Please help if you can, Sincerely, Dave.

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Thanks, it looks like very simple, actually I have the cable already, I use it to play my MP3 on my amplifier. Thanks again.


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Actually, I have a question, there are three sets of RCA audio ports, which one should it be?


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Thanks for accepting my answer. The left set is the Bus Audio in, middle one is Audio out front, right one is Audio out rear.

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david almogi I would just use the existing Audio in port in the back. Use a 3.5 to RCA splitter cable, like this one. If you do this, you will not have to get to heavy on the engineering part of it.


Okay so just had an exchange with david almogi and this did not work. After further research and looking at the schematic, this is because Sony car stereos use a Unilink system to connect with external device. So in order to connect and device you would have to either get the XA-300 auxillary input adapter, which will allow you to properly attach an MP3 player, an FM transmitter or modulator, or get into building your own Unilink board. you can try and build. I did find a few reasonable priced XA300 on ebay. If you want to build your own, check this sitefor more information. Hope this helps to clarify, good luck.

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