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Why wont my 2003 Toyota Camry start?

I have a 2003 Toyota Camry 4 door sedan. All of the lights come on but it wont turn over or start at all. Even when we tried to jump it. The radio and 6 disc CD player haven't worked in a while. I don't know why but a friend of mine was under my hood trying to figure out why my radio and CD player didn't work over the weekend. After that my car wanted to die when I would come to a stop. Now it's progressed to not wanting to start at all. All the lights come on but nothing happens when I turn the key.

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Jen, check the wiring. Start of with the battery. Do you lights dim when you try to start your Camry? Do you hear your starter click? Clean the battery cables and check them for corrosion? Check the starter wires as well as the main fuse block.If your Camry had no issues before, either the battery got drained, or cables got disconnected/broken in the CD repair attempt.

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I would say Oldturkey03 is on the right track of trouble shooting. The fact that your car wanted to die when it came to a stop, then had trouble starting leads me to believe it might be alternator related. Your battery is not powering the car when the engine is running. If you don't have any luck following Oldturkey's suggestions, next time you attempt to jump it, try letting the jumper cables charge the battery for a bit before trying the starter.

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Need help 2003 Toyota Camry not turning over but I hear a clicking noise from the fuse box under Hood wen I turn the key to start

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