Model A1285 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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How to turn on/off?

how do i trun on and off the ipod modle # a1285

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adrianasanchez, download the manual. It is available right here. It says that:"

Turn on iPod nano - Press any button.

Turn off iPod nano - Press and hold Play/Pause

The Nano technically does not turn off, it goes to sleep. When it goes to sleep, it saves the battery.After holding down the play/pause button, it will turn off, or go into low power mode, after a period of time. If you turn it on immediately after pressing the button, it will just awake. Hope this helps, good luck.

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my gen 4... hold down the poser button for 6 sec or more... then you will see the turn off info ...slide the bar to the right and it turms off

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Thank u frds

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köszi bazdmeg.. sokat segitettél a kurva anyádat

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hold down the power button on top left... for 6 sec or more.. the turn off button will show up and slide to the right..and it posers it off!

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