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Background and Identification

Comfortable, lightweight, on-ear earcups with adjustable headband

TriPort acoustic headphone structure

Compact, folding design

16" and 43" detachable cords with stereo mini plug attach to just one earcup

Tech Specs

Type On-Ear, Dynamic

Connectors Gold-Plated 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plugs

Cable Length 16" (406mm))

43" (1092mm)

Dimensions (HxW) Headphones: 7.3 x 5.3" (185 x 135mm)

Ear Cushions: 3 x 2.2" (76 x 56mm)

Weight 5.2 oz (147g) (With Cables)

조회 통계:

지난 24시간: 7

지난 7일: 49

지난 30일: 206

전체 시간: 21,207