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For possible issues experienced with the Casio FX-115MS Calculator, and how to fix them follow: Casio FX-115MS.

Background and Identification

Scientific Casio Calculator released August 2000. Identified by the model name FX-115MS.

COLORS MAY VARY: Although the one featured in these guides has a white cover plate, a grey face plate, and a dark blue/purple back plate.

This calculator has a removable cover plate, and the face plate has a solar panel in the top right corner, a two line horizontal screen beneath the solar panel, it also has 46 buttons, and a central button used for display navigation.

It has the ability to input mathematical expressions as they are written. Therefore, it can view the expressions and results at the same time on the screen.

Additional Information

Casio FX-115MS Manufacturer's Guide

Casio FX-115MS Complete User Guide

Casio FX-115MS Features and Specifications

Casio FX-115MS Training Guide

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