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The LG Dare was released on June 26, 2008 on the Verizon Wireless network. It’s a CDMA touchscreen phone that was designed as a competitor to phones like the iPhone, LG Vu, and Samsung Instinct on other networks.

The Dare has a number of features that set it apart from its competitors. Its boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera with facial recognition and panoramic photo options, a video camera capable of “slow-motion” recording at 120 frames per second, and also a highly customizable home screen. It also has a very compact design, weighing in at only 3.76 oz with a three-inch display.

The LG Dare is identifiable by it's silver bezel with call/end buttons and a black front & back. The Verizon logo is below the earpiece and the LG logo is located above the front buttons. The LG Dare is the successor to the LG Versa (VX9600) which is similar in styling, but has black call/end buttons on the front and a detachable QWERTY keyboard.

Track down problems encountered with your LG Dare on our

LG Dare Troubleshooting Page

Dimensions: 4.10 x 2.20 x .50 in (104 x 56 x 13 mm)

Weight: 3.76 ox (107 g)

Touchscreen: ResistiveDisplay

Display Size: 3.00 in

Resolution: 240 x 400 pixels

Pixel Density: 155

ppiBattery: 1100mAh

Average Talk Time: 4.66 hours

Average Stand-ByTime: 15 days (360 hours)

Accelerometer: Yes

Storage Slot Type: microSD, microSDHC

Bluetooth: 2.1 USB

Connector: microUSB

Camera Resolution: 3.2 megapixels

Flash : Yes

Camcorder: 640x480 (VGA)

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