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If you are experiencing issues with your Petnet SmartFeeder, try our Petnet SmartFeeder SF10E Troubleshooting Page for tips and solutions.

Background and Identification

The first generation Petnet SmartFeeder SF10E by Petnet was released in 2015. This model identifies with the name SmartFeeder and the model number is SF10E. The Petnet SmartFeeder, an automated pet feeder, connects your phone through an app to automate your pet's daily meals. It alerts you when your pet has been fed or if your food dispenser is low on food. The first generation Petnet SmartFeeder has a battery life of 8-10 hours when it is fully charged.

The color of the device is black and the dispenser has a glossy finish while the device has a matte black finish. The first generation has the food dispenser discreetly inside the SmartBowl. The first generation device is taller in height and bulkier in size. The lid to refill your pet's food is designed to open with two clips rather than one.

The first generation Petnet Smartfeeder was upgraded and replaced by the second generation in January 2018. No recalls have been made about this device.

Additional Information

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