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Background and Identification

The Moneual Rydis H68 Pro Floor Mop Vac was released in late 2013. This robotic floor mop vac is identified by it's model title RYDIS H68 PRO which can be found on a label that is placed underneath the vacuum, right below the main brush.

The Rydis H68 Pro Floor Mop Vac is a small round robotic vacuum cleaner that has the ability to be altered into a floor mop with two microfiber mops. This vacuum can be ordered in Red Wine or Brown Bronze. This device uses Smart Vision Mapping, several cleaning modes for the severity and location of the mess, as well as cleaning settings that range from Threshold to Deep Cleaning Turbo. Along with it's advanced settings, the Rydis H68 Pro has three pre-installed brushes equipped with multi-suction abilities.

It has been reported than Moneual was caught up in major export documentation fraud in late 2014, and no longer provides support for their line of robot vacuums.

Additional Information

Moneual RYDIS H68 PRO User Manual

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