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Background Information and Identification

The Rival Mini Chopper MC-67BL is a small food processor released in 2010. The model number can be found printed on the bottom of the base as well as outside the original packaging box.

This particular model comes with a black base featuring a grey pulse button. It is a cheaper version of the Rival 1.5-cup Mini Chopper FPRVMC3002, released in 2010. The MC-67BL features a slightly different base design and a less powerful 35-watt motor compared to the 70-watt motor of the FPRVMC3002 model.

Main removable parts are the clear plastic locking lid, the container, and the stainless steel blade. The base of the chopper and the pulse button are also made out of plastic. These are all dishwasher-safe.


To find and solve problems related to the chopper, check out the Rival Mini Chopper Troubleshooting Page.

Additional Information

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