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A slew of issues can be solved by visiting the Uniden Dect 6.0 Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

The Uniden cordless home phone uses DECT 6.0 digital technology that allows for great audio clarity and no interference of wifi networks or any other home appliances.

Manufactured in 2008, this phone includes caller ID that stores up to 100 names and a backlight keypad for easy viewing and dialing day or night. It uses 1.9 GHz frequency along with the DECT 6.0 technology to ensure maximum range and clarity. This model number is DCX170, it is important to know that this model includes one cordless handset that are issued in black and silver only and one base station. No recalls have been issued for this model.

Basic warranty for this phone when new is 1 year and when it is "like new" the warranty covers up to 90 days. This model has not been replaced by anything similar to this model but Uniden does offer new and more exclusive home phones.

Additional Information

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