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When I press the power button nothing happens.

If the phone will not turn on the most common issue is the battery not being able to charge. Make sure that the phone is set in the base unit all the way and the wall adapter is plugged into the wall. If this does not solve the issue of turning the phone on the battery may need to be replaced.

The battery may need to be replaced, this can be accomplished by using my Uniden Dect 6.0 Battery Replacement guide.

"The keypad will not light up or let me dial out even though I am pressing the numbers."

If the rest of the phone seems to be working well, battery, display, etc the key board may have some possible severed wires or just fizzled out. First be sure that the keyboard doesn't have any dirt between the buttons. If the keyboard looks well cleaned than the keyboard may need to be replaced. Easy replacing can be done here...

" I can't see anything on the main screen"

No display may also indicate its time to replace the LED screen! First make sure that the battery is not the issue as to why the main screen is not displaying information.If it is, refer back to the battery replacement guide. If not, then make sure you have your phillips #1 screw driver and tweezers ready! Your going to use them along with the Uniden Dect 6.0 Display Replacement guide.

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My phone says searching and has no dial tone.

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My phone is on silent mode how do I take it off

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My phone is on silent mode need to ge it off.

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Phone is in silent mode need to put it off.

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My phone is on silent mode how do I turn it back on

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