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Watch strap is old and worn. ¶ 

Replace the factory strap with a new strap.

The Asus ZenWatch uses a 22mm strap. You can replace with either the factory replacement or a generic strap of your choice. A tutorial is available to show you how to do this here.

Screen won’t turn on. ¶ 

No matter what I do I can’t get the screen to come on.

Device not fully charged. ¶ 

You plug the cord into the black plastic charging cradle and seat the watch into it.

Device screen frozen. ¶ 

The smartwatch has on physical button that when held will rest.

LCD is damaged. ¶ 

A replacement LCD may be required.

Watch stopped responding. ¶ 

The watch is slow on bootup or is completely frozen.

A factory reset may be needed. ¶ 

Make sure the watch is off. Power on by holding the On/Off button. Make a diagonal gesture top right → lower- left while in boot screen

(The watch will reboot, and you’ll see an image of an Android robot with a red exclamation mark)

Tap the screen to open recovery options. Swipe down to wipe data/factory reset and swipe left for this selection. Swipe down to confirm Yes- delete all user data and swipe left to select.

(Your device will reset to factory settings)

Watch won’t pair or stay connected. ¶ 

Cannot get watch to pair to my device or keeps disconnecting.

Try these steps to reconnect watch. ¶ 

Make sure if using android OS that it is 4.3 or newer. Turn off Bluetooth, then back on. Un-pair then re-pair device. Uninstall and then reinstall the Android Wear app on your phone.

Phantom touches. ¶ 

My watch randomly opens an app or comes to life.

Touch screen might be dirty. ¶ 

Clean watch face with soft cloth. Make sure no water is on screen or moisture present within device. A bag of rice may remove the moisture if it is present.

Reboot device.

Short Battery Life. ¶ 

Battery life doesn’t last as long as it ought to.

Tips to improve battery life of the ZenWatch. ¶ 

Lower brightness level in settings. Turn "Screen Always On" Off. Shut off apps running in the background. These simple tricks can help lengthen battery life

Device’s Battery Drains. ¶ 

Wait until the battery depletes itself fully and then fully recharge the watch.

Once the watch has a full battery, turn it on.

Battery life doesn’t improve with the above steps. ¶ 

Probably time to replace the battery.

You can follow the tutorial here.

Vibration mode on watch won't work. ¶ 

I no longer get a vibration in any notification.

Quickest possible fix. ¶ 

Reboot the watch. Uninstall and reinstall AndroidWear.

Physical repair. ¶ 

If the previous repair options do not correct the issue then the actual vibrator motor may be defective. Replacement of the motor will correct the issue then. A tutorial for that is here.

New Owner. ¶ 

I have acquired a previously used ZenWatch.

Factory reset your ZenWatch. ¶ 

Select factory reset from the settings menu.

Not Charging. ¶ 

The watch is plugged in but not charging.

Reconnect the charging cable. ¶ 

Make sure the wall outlet has power. Restart the device. A repair for the charging cradle may be necessary. The tutorial for that is here.

If these steps don’t correct the issue then replacing the battery with the tutorial here.

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watch will not turn on. I feel it vibrating but that's it

sharper49 - 답글

How to unlock if forgot lock pattern?

Jose gutierrez - 답글

How to unlock zenwatch if forgot lock pattern?

Jose gutierrez - 답글

my phone is working biut the issue is screen brightness is very much dull and all the background images are viewing

praful kiran - 답글

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