Apple PowerBook G3 400 Troubleshooting

Keyboard not functioning ¶ 

The display is on but the keyboard is not functioning as an input device.

Loose Keyboard Connection ¶ 

The keyboard could be loose, in which case you will have to reconnect the keyboard. You must go through the keyboard repair guide to fix this.

Broken Keyboard ¶ 

If the reconnection does not work, replacement may be the required course of action. The replacement process is the same in this case.

Keyboard Repair Guide

Bad display ¶ 

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because of a faulty or imperfect display.

Loose Display Connection ¶ 

The display might be connected poorly, in which case you must follow the display repair guide steps to fix your problem.

Broken Display ¶ 

If that doesn't fix the problem, the display could possibly be broken. In that case you must also follow the display repair guide steps to fix your problem.

Display Repair Guide

Unrecognized RAM ¶ 

If the computer does not recognized the RAM it may have become disconnected or may be broken.

Disconnected RAM ¶ 

The RAM might have become loose in which case you will need to follow the RAM repair guide to reconnect the RAM.

Broken Ram ¶ 

If the RAM is broken, it will need to be replaced. You will follow the same steps as before to replace the RAM.

RAM Repair Guide

Faulty sound card ¶ 

If the sound does not work, the sound card could be defective.

Software Problems ¶ 

Make sure the volume is up and the computer is not on mute. The proper drivers must also be installed.

Broken Speakers ¶ 

If the sound still does not work and software is not an issue, check the speakers and see if they are broken.

Replace sound Card ¶ 

If the software and speakers are not the problem, then the sound-card will need to be replaced. Follow the sound card repair guide to replace the broken card.

Sound Card Repair Guide

Hard drive ¶ 

If information cannot be saved and your previous information cannot be viewed, the hard drive may be broken.

Replace the Hard Drive ¶ 

Follow the hard drive repair guide to remove the broken drive and install a new one.

Hard Drive Repair Guide

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