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Apple TV Troubleshooting

The Apple TV is Apple's solution to consumers' complaints that the content purchased on iTunes was not accessible enough, and limited its use to only an iPod or their computers.

When your Apple TV will not let you store anymore media on your hard drive, this can be a result of a few different problems. You either might have ran out of space on your existing hard drive, or there is a hardware malfunction with your current hard drive. In either case, the best option would be to replace your hard drive.

Sometimes the power supply for the Apple TV will short out and stop working. Often times replacing the power supply will fix some of these issues. For help on replacing the power supply, click here.

If the problem isn't the power supply, then more than likely the problem is a software issue, and therefore needs to be resolved with Apple.

If your Apple TV is hot to the touch, then more than likely something is wrong with your fan, and it needs to be replaced. Apple has stated that it is normal for the Apple TV to run a little hotter than other electronics, however if the Apple TV is too hot to hold, then there is a problem. Instructions on how to replace the fan can be found here.

Often times your Apple TV won't connect to your desktop computer or is having issues syncing with your iTunes. This could be a simple syncing problem or software problem, but it could be more serious. The airport card may need to be replaced in order for the apple TV to sync up to the computer. For instructions on how to replace the AirPort card, click here.

The problem could also end up being a software issue. If this is the case, then the problem should be brought to Apple.

At times the Apple TV's hardrive will stop working. If your Apple TV is making noises, the sounds could possibly be coming from your hardrive. Instructions on how to replace your hardrive can be found here.

Another potential cause of the noises from your Apple TV could be the fan. If your fan is not functioning properly, then it is quite possible that it will be making noise. To replace your fan, instructions can be found here.

Sometimes the logic board of the Apple TV will freeze up and not allow navigation of the menu. If this is the case, it would be best to replace your Logic Board.

If the logic board seems to be working correctly, then the problem is most likely a software issue and should be taken up with Apple.

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