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The computer is not activating or shows no signs of responding.

Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged into an outlet. Make sure the outlet is functioning properly by trying to plug another working device in. If the light is not coming on near the charging port while the adapter is plugged in, the power adapter may have malfunctioned.

If the adapter is plugged into a properly functioning outlet and the light near the charging port is on, make sure the power adapter is connected to the laptop. If the laptop only turns on when the laptop is charging, then you may have a faulty battery. To replace the malfunctioning battery, refer to Asus VivoTab RT TF600T LCD Screen Replacement.

Screen will not respond to touch or mouse pad movement.

If the device sounds as if it is trying to boot up, it may have a software issue. To solve this problem, try doing a factory reset on the device.

Check in and around the power button to make sure nothing is blocking it from being pressed. If there is no blockage, you may need to replace your power button.

If the screen only turns on when the laptop is charging, then you may have a faulty battery. To replace the faulty battery, refer to Asus VivoTab RT TF600T Battery Replacement

The screen is unresponsive to touch, but will turn on when the mouse pad is being used.

First take a clean dry cloth, and wipe off the screen. Next take some glass cleaner, and make sure the screen is clean and free of any dirt or grim.

Go into the settings using the touch pad, separate mouse, or keyboard, and re-calibrate the touch screen.

Try clicking the power button. If the screen lights up but does not register, try turning the device off and back on again. If turning the device off does not solve the problem, perform a hard reset. If none of the above procedures solved your problem, please see Asus VivoTab RT TF600T LCD Screen Replacement.

When using the web cam there is no light, indicating that the web cam is in use or sound when the volume is on max.

If there is no sound while using the webcam, make sure the volume is turned up. If the volume is up as loud as it will go and there is still no sound, make sure the sound button is not disabled in the settings menu. If the sound is disabled, then it should be switched to enable.

Check to make sure the webcam light is enabled in the settings menu. If the light is enabled, make sure to adjust for the amount of light you wish to have. Adjustment of the light can be accomplished by increasing the brightness. If this does not help solve the problem, then the light may need to be replaced.

Wi-Fi will not connect to the available internet sources or Limited access is displayed on the screen.

When connecting to Wi-Fi, make sure that the location you are in has available internet access.

The next step is to make sure airplane mode is turned off. You can turn airplane mode off by launching the charms bar, tapping the settings option, and then by tapping the airplane mode. Sliding the bar to the left will turn airplane mode off. If the problem continues, then the router may need to be configured manually.

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Tengo un problema con esta tablet meda un error pantalla azul con la siguiente mensaje:


El equipo debe repararse

No se pudo cargar el sistema operativo porque el archivo de registro del sistema no se encuentra o esta dañado..


Codigo de error: 0xc000014c

1-Trato de iniciar el modo recuperación pero no lo permite

2-También trate de reinstalar windows mediante un USB pero no logro entrar

a la Bios.

Power+Volumen arriba

Deseo saber si tienen la solución de este problema ya que ni Asus puede solucionarlo.

Richard Rodriguez - 답글

Mi Asus VIVOTAB RT mis FT600T no inicia solo muestra una pantalla negra con ASUS y luego una pantalla azul que dice (Se ha producido un problema en su tableta y necesita reiniciarse.Vamos a recopilar información sobre el error y después se reiniciar automaticamente) pero no se hace solo reaparece las mismas dos pantallas

Susy rodriguez

Momsusy - 답글

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