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Phone will not turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get the phone to turn on.

Hold down the power button ¶ 

Before you replace the battery, make sure you are holding down the power button long enough. You should hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds.

Drained or dead battery ¶ 

If your phone still will not turn on after holding down the power button for at least 5 seconds, it could be that the battery needs to be charged.

Bad Charger ¶ 

You could be using the wrong charger, or the outlet is faulty.

Using wrong charger ¶ 

Make sure you have the correct charger for your phone. Using the wrong charger may affect how the strong the battery charge is.

Outlet may be Faulty ¶ 

Not all outlets work. Double check the outlet you have the phone plugged into is a working outlet.

It is possible that the battery will not charge do to a bad battery. The outlet you are trying to plug-in to, may not have any electricity running to it. If you need to replace your battery you can use this guide to assist you.

Unresponsive/ Sticky buttons ¶ 

No matter what buttons you push, nothing happens.

Bad button pad ¶ 

The keys on your keyboard are unresponsive or stick.

If the key(s) are unresponsive and/or sticking, you may need to replace the keypad. You can use this guide to assist you.

Phone does not ring ¶ 

Speakers on the phone seem fine, but the phone does not ring when there is an incoming call.

Ringer has been turned off ¶ 

On your phone there is a ringer "on" and "off" setting. Check that the your ringer has not been switched to the "off" setting.

Intensive Cleaning ¶ 

Bad conection, or phone is not work as it should.

Inside phone needs cleaning ¶ 

This will generally require that you open up the phone and clean the connections between the buttons and/or the Logic board. If you need to give your phone a good intensive cleaning, you can use this guide to assist you.

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