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No matter how long I charge it, the drill doesn't stay working

If your drill operates while connected to charger, but does not operate while disconnected, you may have a defective battery. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a new battery and install it using our battery replacement guide.

Battery Replacement

At this point you have determined that the battery is indeed not defective. Now, check and see drill operates while connected to charger. If the drill still does not turn on while connected to a power outlet then check and see if the AC cord has any kinks or exposed wire. If this is the case, you will need to buy a new AC cord.

The drill gets to a certain point and bogs down

Disassemble the drill and locate the motor. While drill is disassembled, squeeze the trigger and see if the motor is rotating properly. If motor is not functioning correctly, visit our motor replacement page to learn how to properly replace your drill's motor.

Motor Replacement

The drill switch is not adjustable

Make sure that the speed switch on your drill is positioned in the proper position. Locate the gear indicator on the top of the drill. Make sure the switch is set on the high-torque setting. This setting allows the drill to deliver 130-inch-pounds of power. If your project requires more torque, you may want to consider getting a more powerful drill. Visit our speed switch replacement page to learn how to properly replace the switch.

Speed Switch Replacement

The bit will not stay steady while in operation

If chuck is properly fastened, and continues to lose grip, then it is possible that you may need to entirely replace the chuck.

The drill has power, but it won't turn

Once you have determined that the motor is the problem (refer back to "Not Enough Drill Power" section, under Motor Issues), you may need to purchase a new motor for you Black and Decker SS12C. After purchasing a new motor, refer to our Motor Replacement Guide for further instructions.

Motor Replacement

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What is the problem of my drill? motor is fine and rotating and hold the screw bits by the chuck but it slipped when you doing the actual screwing.

Please help! just bought it a month ago.

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